Tackeuchi Excavator

Extra Attachments are available:

  • Engcon 360°tilt rotator when attached to the above £25 per day
  • 600 wide 4 in 1 grab bucket £15 per day
  • 1 m 200 wide 4 in 1 grab bucket £15 per day
  • Pallet forks - Useful for moving pallets around site - Hire price on request
  • Rotovator - suitable for rotovating uneven areas and banks.- Hire price on request
  • Auger - 300mm wide suitable for gatepost and pylons- Hire price on request
  • Kerb grab - For laying kerb edges -Hire price on request
  • Tree stump grinder/splitter - For grinding stumps and splitting trees -Hire price on request
  • Concrete breaker - Breaking up concrete when attached to above digger - Hire price on request
  • Concrete mixer - Ideal for laying kerb edgings and pouring concrete between retaining wall blocks-Hire price on request
  • Pole planter - Suitable for inserting posts and telegraph poles.-Hire price on request
  • Screening bucket - Hire price on request
  • Trench compactor - Hire price on request
  • Doorway diggers - 1 ton Yanmar digger will go through domestic external doorway - Hire price on request
  • Doorway skip loading dumper - will fit through external domestic doorway - Hire price on request
  • Ramps - Hire price on request
  • Trailer - Hire price on request
  • Lifting slings and chains -Hire price on request


Gerald is great to work with. He (and his kit) helped with removing a wall, hedge, and old concrete slab, replacing with a new fence, adding a SUDS soakaway, dr..more
Ed - May 2016
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